Published on June 8, 2024

Add clouds to sky

In this article I will show you a super fast and simple method to blend a cloud with a sky in Adobe Photoshop!

Would you rather watch the video with instructions? Then click here to open the YouTube video or scroll down to the end of this page.

You can download the photos I used here:

Step 1: Add cloud to sky

Open the photo you want to add the clouds to. Then navigate to ‘File > Place embedded‘ and select the photo of the cloud you want to use.

Resize the cloud layer and pick the correct position for the cloud.

Place embedded

Step 2: Blend clouds with sky

Change the blending mode of the cloud layer to ‘screen‘.

Blending mode

Then add a black & white layer.

Black & white

Right click on the black & white layer and select ‘create clipping mask‘.

Then adjust the cyans and the blues until the cloud is blended with the sky.

Blend cloud with sky

And that’s how you can easily add a cloud to your sky in Adobe Photoshop!

Add clouds to sky

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Add clouds to a sky in Photoshop

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