Published on June 2, 2023

Create an abstract gradient spiral

In this blog I will show you how to create a gradient spiral effect in Adobe Photoshop!

Rather watch the video with instructions? Then click here or scroll down to the end of this page!

Step 1: Preparations

First create a new square file. It doesn’t matter what size the file is, as long as it’s square. My file is 2000 x 2000 pixels (resolution 300).

Then create a gradient layer.

Gradient layer

Pick a gradient with two colors. I picked the black to white gradient, but you can also use different colors! To get the best effect, I would suggest using a dark and a light color.

You can find the settings I used in the image below. Copy these settings.

Gradient fill

Step 2: Gradient spiral

Right click on the gradient fill layer and select ‘flatten image‘. You now have one layer left, the background layer. Unlock this background layer (click on the lock icon).

Press CTRL+J to duplicate this layer. Then press CTRL+T to activate free transform.

Connect the width and height (with the chain icon). Then lower the width to 95%. The height should be 95% too now (because it’s connected).

Rotate the layer 3°. Then click on the ✓ icon.

Resize and rotate

Now press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+T to repeat the last action (resizing and rotating the layer) in a new layer.

Keep pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+T until the spiral is finished. I ended up with 140 layer copies.

Gradient spiral

You have a lot of layers now. To keep your layer panel clear, you can group these layers.

Select all the layers, then navigate to ‘Layer > Group Layers‘ (or press CTRL+G). All the gradient layers are now in one group.

And that’s how you create this gradient spiral effect in Adobe Photoshop!

Abstract gradient spiral

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Gradient spiral effect in Photoshop

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