Published on June 18, 2023

Shapes with rounded corners

In this blog I’ll show you how to create shapes with rounded corners in Adobe Photoshop!

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Create a shape with round corners

Select one of the shape tools. I use the rectangle tool first. Select the settings you need (shape, fill, stroke) and then create your shape.

Tip: If you press and hold SHIFT while creating the shape, it will be perfectly symmetrical.

Create shape

Then navigate to ‘window‘ in the top menu bar and make sure ‘properties‘ is selected.

You will find the option to create round corners under ‘appearance‘. If you want to make all the corners round, use the chain icon to link together the corner radius values.

If you adjust the amount of pixels for one of the corners now, it will change for each corner. The higher the amount of pixels, the rounder the corners get.

Round corners

If you don’t link the corner radius values, you can adjust the corners separately.

One round corner

Other shapes

You can also do this with other shapes. I’ll use the triangle tool to create a triangle.

Again you’ll find the option to create rounded corners under ‘appearance’. As you can see, there’s only one option here. This means that you can’t adjust the corners of the triangle separately. All the corners will be rounded if you adjust this.

Round corners triangle

And that’s how you create shapes with rounded corners in Adobe Photoshop!

Shapes with rounded corners

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Create shapes with rounded corners in Photoshop

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