Published on March 18, 2022

In this blog I’ll show you a simple but effective trick to reset your settings in Adobe Lightroom. You might be using this editing trick already, but if you’re not it’s a good way to speed up your workflow!

When you’re working with presets or when you’re batch editing, you’re applying the same settings to every photo. You might want to reset some of the settings then.

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Editing trick – reset settings

The fastest way to reset just one slider is by double clicking on the word in front of the slider. The settings of that particular slider then go back to 0.

Reset one slider

Want to reset an entire group of settings? Then double click on the word above that group. All the settings in that group then go back to 0.

Reset group

You can also use this trick when you’re masking. It doesn’t matter which masking tool you’re using, if you double click on effect, all the settings go back to 0. Instead of resetting everything, you can also reset one slider as described above.

Reset mask settings

Not sure if you want to reset certain settings? Click on the icon in the left corner of a panel to make that entire panel temporarily invisible. In the image below, you can see that all the HSL adjustments are now invisible (this applies to the hue, saturation and luminance, not just to one of them).

Make settings invisible

Turn them back on by clicking on the slider again to see if you like the way they look on your photo. The advantage of using this slider first, is that you’re not immediately removing the settings. You’re just making them invisible and if you do like the way they look, you can keep them.

If you don’t like the adjustments and you want to reset them, click on the word above it.

Editing trick

And that’s a simple trick to reset your settings in Adobe Lightroom!

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