Published on January 12, 2022

How to create a page turn effect in Photoshop?

In this blog I’ll show you how to create a page turn (or page flip) effect in Adobe Photoshop.

Rather watch the video tutorial of this process? Click here or scroll down to the end of this page.

You can download the images I used here:
Sheet music

Step 1: Gradient

First press CTRL+J to duplicate the background layer. Then select the rectangular marquee tool. Make a square selection in the corner where you want the page to turn.

Add a gradient fill/adjustment layer.

Open the gradient folders by clicking on the icon next to your gradient. Then select the black to white gradient.

Change the angle to -45. If you chose to place your box in a different corner (instead of the lower right one), you should use a different angle. The white should always be in the corner, as you can see in the image below.

Click OK to apply the adjustments. Then select your gradient fill layer and layer 1 (the background copy). Right click on them and select ‘merge layers‘. You now have 2 layers left, the background layer and a gradient fill layer (with the gradient box in the corner).

Step 2: Page turn

Select the gradient fill layer. Select the move tool and press CTRL+T. Right click on your image and select ‘warp‘.

Drag the corner towards the middle. You can also move these other points to create the correct shape.

Step 3: Shadows

Select the gradient fill layer, click on the ‘fx‘ icon and select ‘blending options‘.

Select ‘drop shadow‘. You can find the settings I used in the image below. Copy these settings.

Step 4: Add another image

If you want to place another image behind the turned page, open that image. Select the move tool and drag the image to the file you’re working on. Place it on top of the image you’re editing.

Drag this layer below the gradient fill layer in your layer panel.

With this layer selected, select the move tool and press CTRL+T. Place the image in the corner and resize it so it completely covers the area behind your turned page.

And that’s how you create a page turn effect in Adobe Photoshop! You can see the final result below.

page turn

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Create a page turn effect in Photoshop

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